For Immediate Release
Saturday Nov. 5, 1994

Contact: Arda Nazerian - 212-754-1994

The Cuomo Campaign Gets Wired

Online Internet Service Answers Voters Questions

The Cuomo Campaign today announced that their on-line Internet service - including Email, a "gopher" and a fully interactive Web site - has given thousands of New Yorkers instant access to information on Governor Cuomo's record.

Since The Cuomo Web was put on line 9 days ago, traffic to the NY Web site has jumped 1300% from 3,000 hits a day before the Cuomo Web site was added to 40,000 hits a day.

"It's a new way of campaigning," said Kim Hill, Director of Production for The New York Web. "Traffic ramped up so fast the Cuomo server got overwhelmed and we had to move it to our fastest machine."

"The Governor used Email long before the election. During this election, however, we wanted to give the 600,000 Internet users in New York State more information as well as 24 hour access," said Arda Nazerian, Press Spokesperson for the Cuomo Campaign.

Features of the Cuomo Web include: a clickable map of New York which provides information on regional issues, audio recordings of Governor Cuomo from his published diary, recent campaign television commercials, press releases, issue papers and the Internet's first downloadable bumper sticker.

Voters are also encouraged to send their feedback and questions directly to the campaign headquarters via Email.

The Cuomo Campaign Web site address:

The Cuomo Campaign Email address:

New York State Democratic Committee

845 Third Avenue, 2nd fl, New York, NY 10022 212.754.1994 fax:212.754.2250
111 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12210 518.462.7407 fax:518.462.5621