Monday, July 8, 1996.

I haven't actually organized the new photos - one night I just felt like scanning more stuff in. The files sat on my desktop for a couple of weeks until I finally put them into HTML. The image map above doesn't do a lot to indicate what they look like - click on an image or just start here, and make sure your window is as wide as the line below.

Notes about the images: Some may appear a bit dark on PC systems, since they were optimized for the Macintosh (hmmm, one day PNG will make this gamma problem go away), and the JPEG compression was a little excessive. Later on I plan to do some more work on them...
Anyway, I hope you enjoy them, and let me know what you think by sending email . I'm always interested in how people found this site. My original site had quite a few inbound links because there was much less to see on the Web in 1994, but I haven't made an effort to get links for this one. Speaking of 1994, check out this museum piece: a site I did for the Mario Cuomo campaign in 1994. Some links aren't functional anymore, but it's a trip down (pre-Netscape) memory lane.

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